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In order to benefit from all the features of Crystal XE, the user must acquire a license key for the current version of Crystal XE.
This license key provides full access to future versions for minimum one year.

After a first complete year, Crystal XE requires an annual maintenance contract to allow updates with the most recent versions.

The user can then decide to keep the last downloaded version without updating and fixing bugs, or to opt for an annual maintenance contract with the following advantages:

  • Access to new Crystal versions as soon as they are released.
  • Regular updates of your Crystal XE license: bug fixes, access to new developed equipment / controllers, advanced scripting functions
  • Priority access to the RIBER hotline for troubleshooting and remote assistance


Periodic invoicing starts on year N+2 to benefit from a full year of warranty :

  • Year N: maintenance contract ordering and initial payment
  • Year N+1: covered by the contract
  • Beginning of year N+2: yearly invoicing starts

If annual contract has been cancelled, in order to re-enroll, penalty fees may apply in addition to previous years payback.

Terms summary:

  • Annual fee: the annual fee will be automatically invoiced once a year (in January).
  • The Fee is not refundable.
  • The Fee can be revised annually
  • Cancellation: you can cancel the maintenance contract at any time before the end of the current billing period. Cancellation request will need to be submitted in writing (standard mail or e-mail). You will retain access to the maintenance contract benefit from the time you cancel until the start of the next billing period.
  • Penalties: If maintenance contract has been cancelled, in order to re-enrolled, penalties fees may occur in addition to previous years payback at current price.
  • Each annual maintenance contract is associate with one license and cannot be transferred to a different license number.
  • Warranty: there is a warranty from the purchase date (year N) until the end of year N+1. Warranty covers bug corrections. Once the warranty expires bugs won’t be supported anymore if a new version is released. Bugs will be corrected only on the current versions.

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